VenaSeal Closure System®

VenaSeal Closure System, covered by Medicare, is a non-thermal treatment which improves blood flow and relieves symptoms by sealing the diseased vein with specially formulated medical adhesive.


During the procedure, a local anesthetic is used to make a numb spot of where the vein will be accessed. Once the area is numb, a small catheter will be inserted into the diseased vein where you may feel pressure from the placement of the catheter. The catheter will be placed in specific areas along the diseased vein to deliver small amounts of medical adhesive.

Ultrasound will be used during the procedure to guide and position the catheter. The adhesive permanently seals the vein and blood is rerouted through nearby healthy veins.

The discomfort usually peaks around 3-10 days after your procedure and then decreases during the second week post VenaSeal. Soreness, bruising, redness and tenderness are expected post VenaSeal and can last several weeks.

You DO NOT need to fast or stop any current medications prior to any procedures. Xanax may be prescribed to help relax the muscle around the vein to prevent venous spasm during the VenaSeal procedure. It is important to take any medication you are prescribed ONE hour prior to your procedure. You are required to have a driver .

This procedure takes 1 hour.

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